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Definition of a Heritage Tree:

"A notable specimen because of its size, form, shape, beauty, age, colour, rarity, genetic constitution or other distinctive features; a living relic that displays evidence of cultural modification by native or non-native people, including strips of bark or knot-free wood removed, test hole cut to determine soundness, furrows cut to collect pitch or sap, or blazes to mark a trail; a prominent community landmark; a specimen associated with a historic person, place, event or period; a representative of a crop grown by ancestors and their successors that is at risk of disappearing from cultivation; a tree associated with local folklore, myths, legends or traditions; a specimen identified by members of a community as deserving heritage recognition."

-Dr. Paul Aird

A lone person can champion the protection of a heritage tree and be successful.

Edith created a power-point presentation geared to adults and children alike showing them how to find heritage trees and take protective action. She selected an old red (250 + years old) found in her neighbour's back yard and demonstrates how to assess heritage value. She takes her light-and-sound show on the road responding to requests from a variety of individuals and communities.

-Ontario Urban Forest Council

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